ELMI mBeta System

Description: complete pre-cabled serial electrical system and products. Our kit comes complete with control unit, electrical system and standard push-button panels. *Shaft illumination system (Vano Lux) on request.


  • Control Units
  • Pre-cabled electric: all cables for connection to engine, doors, parachute device, cables and devices for *telecare system, *general control switches.
  • Sensors (monostable and bistable) and magnets for car position control.
  • Stop device for pit, overtravel device.
  • Fixing kit, complete with all the necessary to fix every device and cable.
  • All shaft duct to put in all the electric line.
  • Standar Push-Button Panels
  • Car serial communication box “MC”: the device contains the electronic board 1C, the maintenance push-button panel, electric terminal for car and pre-cabled connection. The device handles (with 1C) all the operations and communication between car and control units.

Types of communication: parallel, floor parallel/car serial, complete serial (car and floors).